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Understanding Love and Being Loved

Romantic relationships are complex. They are a dance of give-and-take, where learning how to love someone the way they want to be loved is as critical as learning to receive love in return. This delicate balancing act is often one of the most challenging life journeys. Here at CCC, we help partners learn how to both love and be loved, striking that perfect equilibrium.

Communication, Intimacy, and Self-Care

Central to our approach is building communication and intimacy, alongside fostering personal wellness. Partners are encouraged to understand the balance between auto-regulation (taking good care of oneself) and co-regulation (taking good care of each other). The ability to discern which contexts require which strategy is a focal point of our couples therapy at CCC.

Holistic and Unique Approach to Couples Therapy

CCC blends two distinctive methods of couples therapy, providing a comprehensive and unique approach to address both common and unique relational struggles.