Sex and Intimacy

We’ve all been sold so many f*cking fairytales about sex. It was taught to us that sex was supposed to come easy. The often frustrating truth is that human sexuality is so complex, and there aren’t nearly enough places in the world where we can reflect and learn about ourselves as sexual beings.

Courageous Couples Counseling can be one of those rare safe environments, where we can learn new tools, and begin thinking about sex in ways that get us closer to having regular crave-worthy sex with ourselves and others.

Whether you are wanting to explore how to improve your sex life as an individual, or as a team, Courageous Couples Counseling is here to support you. I am just beginning my journey to becoming a Certified Sex Therapist, but in the meantime, I’ve already gained many tools to help you or you and her partner(s) get closer to the sex life you can be really proud of.