Recover the courage to love.
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It takes courage to love and allow yourself to be loved. It also takes courage to ask for help. I am inspired by my courageous couples and look forward to learning how I can best support your partnership.

About The Practice

Kevin Krage, LMFT is dual-licensed to serve both California and Oregon. His office is located in Portland, Oregon for in-person sessions, and hosts virtual teletherapy for clients across the states of California and Oregon.



Designer Relationships



Sex and Intimacy

Queer and Proud

Our practice at CCC identifies as fully queer or LGBTQIA+, and is uniquely suited to support folx and couples who belong to our community, either outwardly or in private. Whether you are interested in focusing on elements related to your sexual or gender identity, or simply need a therapist who understands this central part of you, we will be glad to meet you where you are. We have supported folx of all identities on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.


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