While my practice specializes on relationships with others, much of our work is around the relationship we have with ourselves. In fact, many people often go to counseling because others in their life won’t. So when you’re stuck with nowhere to go, or need to go deeper within yourself to find that unshakeable source of self-awareness, trust and esteem, individual work with a therapist creates the focus and priority where it is most needed. Common areas of exploration include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Boundaries
  • Communicating your needs
  • Managing conflict
  • Navigating career stress
  • Unhelpful relationships to your own anger
  • Finding your role in your primary relationships

I’ve also worked extensively with individuals looking for their partner. Having a couples therapist help you identify red/green flags as you go on dates, or establish good relationship habits early on in a relationship can be invaluable to someone going on dates with the hope of finding a partnership.

If you are wondering how to show up differently in your relationship with yourself or others, please reach out, and let’s discover together if I am the best fit for you on your healing journey.