Marriage marks a significant symbolic shift in your relationship and many other aspects of your life. Marriage always stirs up both conscious and subconscious anxieties. During engagement the symbolic weight of marriage can be the perfect time to make significant shifts in relationships to ensure the type of marriage that you always hoped to have.

Whether there are areas of the relationship that are causing tension and you want to figure them out or you want to take a relationship that feels strong to even stronger, this is the perfect time to invest in the most important part of this transition. So as you negotiate your wedding budget, put some pre-marital counseling in to invest in what is more important, the marriage itself.

For couples that aren’t sure what to focus on, I have developed a ten session pre-marital counseling package to address some of the most important factors in every resilient marriage. Here are some of the topics that we can cover in 10 sessions:

● Communication tools
● Effective repair after unintentional damage
● Financial conversations
● Sex/intimacy
● Dividing up emotional/logical labor in the marriage
● Emotionally supporting each other in difficult times
● Common conditioning and other gender-related pitfalls
● Managing future transitions including having children, changing careers, etc
● Core attachment wounds from childhood

Large transitions like marriage or commitment ceremonies are often very joyful but also difficult times as well. Contemporary weddings require a couple to hone their bargaining and negotiation skills with each other. Therapy can be the perfect place to have some of these stressful conversations.