Kevin Krage, LMFT

Hi, I’m Kevin and I love what I do. I believe that our primary wounds are relational in nature, which is why my practice is devoted to healing these wounds relationally. However you came to find this couples counseling website, wherever you are coming from in your life, and whatever you hope to find through this journey we take together, I will meet you there, hold a mirror to the parts of yourself holding you back, and help you to remove the obstacles preventing you from enjoying the relationship to yourself and others that you are worthy of.

In therapy, there’s an unspoken expectation of being able to bare your soul and trust a therapist without much reciprocity in the relationship. There are good reasons for this but I know what it’s like to wonder what your therapist is like outside the therapy room. It’s natural to wonder what kind of person your therapist is even though it’s a relationship based solely on the client’s needs.

While the basic contract of therapy is an intimate and authentic relationship, some therapists are “blank slate” counselors, whom you’ll never know much or anything about. However, research shows that the relationship BETWEEN a therapist and their client is central to a healing journey. So I believe in bringing my full humanity into the room to build trust and ever deepening levels of your authentic human experience. If you’re curious, here is a little about my journey:

  • I grew up in SW Portland and moved to California in 2012. During my time in California Iwent to grad school for therapy at Sonoma State University. My partner and I moved back to Portland in late 2023, thus I am licensed to practice in both California and Oregon.
  • I was previously married to a man and despite our best attempts, we grew apart and decided to divorce.
  • I am now in an infinitely more fulfilling partnership and am very happy with my lifelong commitment to him.
  • I became a therapist because I listened deeply to one particular emotion: envy. I have a very dear friend who became a therapist several years before me. We would get together and I would pepper her with questions about her work. When she would leave I would be filled with envy for the good work she was doing in our community. The envy was pointing me in the direction my life was wanting to go. I believe that our emotions often contain priceless data for us to mine for wisdom.
  • I specialized in couples work because I had incredibly divergent experiences of romantic relationships from my parents growing up. One parent had many marriages and the other chose to remain single from the time of their divorce when I was just a couple of months old. I learned so much about the partnership from both my own life experiences and formal education and strengthening partnerships is my life’s work.
  • My work is the greatest joy in my life, second only to my family. Pictured here is myself, my partner Spencer, and our dog, Quentin.