LGBTQi+: Struggling to connect to your identity

Hat guy

Growing up in a hetero normal, cis-gendered world can be a challenge to overcome for someone exploring important questions such as, who am I, how do I express my gender, who am i attracted to, etc.  I regularly work with clients who are unsure about all kinds of identity questions and it causes so much stress. Therapy is a great place to explore those uncertainties because in our sessions you will have the time and space to meaningfully dig into the questions and come with answers for yourself that will help you thrive in life.

Feeling unsure about your identity can cause a lot of anxiety.  When you are secure in your identity you have greater self-esteem, self-awareness, and confidence. I invite you to be patient with  yourself on the path of self-discovery.  It is a journey, and you may not have all the answers right away.  However, with therapy, we can help plot a path to securely connecting with your identity.

Your self-worth, awareness, and confidence will increase when you are secure in your identity. Again, it’s important to be patient with yourself on your journey to self-discovery.  There may not be an answer to everything right away, and that is the nature of the journey.  Contact me using the contact form above for a free 15 minute session, so we can discover if intensives are right for you.